2008 Annual Meeting Highlights

The second Annual Meeting of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants was held June 18 - 21, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in St. Louis, Missouri. Over 175 attendees, vendors, spouses and guests participated in an excellent educational and networking opportunity. Here are just a few of the many highlights from that week:

NSCHBC members appointed Rex Stanley as President, Gray Tuttle as President-Elect and Kathryn Moghadas as Secretary-Treasurer. Former President Joseph Cobo will continue to serve on the Executive Board as Immediate Past-President.

NSCHBC members elected and installed the 2008-2009 Board of Directors.

Joseph Cobo was honored by incoming President Rex Stanley for his leadership during the Society's second year.

Kathryn Moghadas was awarded the Zeke Gourley Award for her contributions to the organization.

Robert Cimasi was given recognition and thanks for his contribution to the annual meeting.

Rick Willeford was recognized and thanked for his time and effort on the statistics program.

Additionally, the 2007-2008 Committee Chairs were also honored. They include:

Maxine Lewis, CMM, CPC, CCS-P
Bylaws Committee Co-Chair

Kathryn I. Moghadas, RN, CLRM, CHBC, CHCC, CPC
Bylaws Committee Co-Chair

Steven Peltz, CHBC
Certification Committee Chair

David E. Hunt, CHBC
Credentialing Committee Co-Chair

Stephen J. Leary, CHBC, EA
Credentialing Committee Co-Chair

Kathryn I. Moghadas, RN, CLRM, CHBC, CHCC, CPC
Education Committee Chair

Keith Borglum, CHBC
Marketing Committee Chair

Michael Brown, CHBC
Member Services Committee Chair

Michael P. Brady, CHBC
Nominating Committee Chair

Stephen J. Leary, CHBC, EA
Planning Committee Chair

Robert Gray, CHBC, EA
Statistics Committee Co-Chair

J. Gray Tuttle, CHBC
Statistics Committee Co-Chair

Douglas Driver, CHBC, CFP
Vendor Committee Chair

Scott Flickema succeeds Steven Peltz as head of the certification committee.

Six new members were voted into the Society. They include:

  • Cynthia Bryant Walker, CMC, CHBC
  • David Everett, CMC, CHBC
  • Neal Mehra, MD, CHCA
  • David S. Reimer, CHBC
  • Karen Schechter, RHIA, MBA, CCS-P
  • Renee Stantz

In addition to these new members, six consultants took the certification exam and successfully passed.

Special thanks are also in order to our vendors who attended the meeting:

Antek HealthWare, LLC
athenahealth, Inc.
CCA Medical
CPA Health Partners
DRS - Keiser Computers Inc.
Etactics, Inc.
Expeditor Systems, Inc.
Health Capital Consultants, LLC (Conference Sponsor)
Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc.
Kemper Cost Management
Kolb+Co. Medical Billing, LLC
Linde Healthcare / Kendall & Davis
Lux Scientiae, Inc. (Luxsci)
ManagementPlus (Conference Sponsor)
McHenry Advisers, Inc.
Medical Design International
MediData.med, Inc.
Misys Healthcare Systems (Conference Sponsor)
PMCA Liability Insurance, Ltd.
ProAssurance Group
Robard Corporation
White Plume Technologies

2008 Annual Meeting Photos